Equivalent Sets

Equivalent sets:

Two sets are equivalent ,if and only if, a one to one correspondence exists between them.In equivalent sets the number of elements of each set that is the cardinal number is the same.All equal sets are also equivalent but the converse is not true.In equal sets the the elements are the same.We can compare this to equal and equivalent fractions.

Example of equivalent sets

Two sets which has the same number of elements is called equivalent sets. for example:

1 The set of all vowels in the word ‘AUTO’  {A,U,O}

2. the set of prime numbers from 1 to 5 {2,3,5}

In other words the sets which have the same number of elements are called equivalent sets.

Try This

Check if the following sets are equivalent:

Set A ;   The set of even natural numbers less than 53

Set B : the set of  letters in the English alphabet

Is n(A)=n(B)

ARe these sets equivalent?

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