Middle School Math With Pizzazz Book B

Introduction to middle school math with pizazz book b:

Middle school math with pizazz book b is nothing but the book used by middle school students in U.S.A. Middle school class books are designed to practice with math skills and to provide concept wise explanations such as whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, geometry, and square roots. In this article middle school math with pizazz book b, we are going to discuss few problems that are given in the book titled middle school math with pizazz.

Sample problems for ‘middle school math with pizzazz book b’:

Problem 1:

Find the coefficient values of these term 2x3+4x2+3x-1.


Given, the term is that 2x3+4x2+3x-1.

In the above equations the first term has the highest power.

So, the coefficient of the first term is be 2. Then, 2 is the correct solution.

Problem 2:

Solve; 5(4x + 5)2


5(4x + 5)2 [for (4x + 5)2   use the formula (a + b)2  = a2+b2+2ab ]

= 5 [(4x) 2 +52 + 2 `xx` 4x `xx` 5]

= 5 [16x2 + 25 + 40x]

= 5*16x2 + 5*25 + 5*40x

 = 80x+ 125 + 200x

Problem 3:

The sum of twice a number plus 13 is 65. Find the number.


The word is means equals. The word plus means calculation. Therefore,

The sum of double a number with addition of 13 equals 65.

Let’s take an arbitrary number as N.Twice the number becomes 2N.

Write the equation as the original problem.

2N + 13 = 65

Solve this equation by the isolating variable.

2N +13 = 65

Subtract 13 from both sides

-13 = -13      Equation.

————-    Add both the equations, we get

2N = 52

Divide both sides by 2 to make coefficient of N to be 1.we get, finally

      N = 26


Practice problems for ‘middle school math with pizzazz book b’:

1) Find the leading coefficient of the term 3x3+4x2+2x-5.

Answer: 3

2) Solve; 4(2x + 5)2

Answer: 16x+ 80x + 100

3) The sum of twice a number plus 43 is 60. Find the number.

     Answer: `17/2` 

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